Church Planting System
What are the features?
Cloud Based Interface Allows Your Staff and Volunteers to Access the Data Anytime Anywhere
Email Your Congregation From the System. Emails Come Complete With Stationary.
Track and Control Bible Studies
Track and Control Church Services
Track Families with Information Syncing Between Members of the Family
Track Outreaches and Determine Their Effectiveness
Track People Who Received Christ in Services or Outreaches
Simple Web Interface for Your Leaders
Powerful Desktop App for Your Office Staff. Operates on Macs and PCs
Flexible Forms: Keep the Information You Want on Your Database, No More, No Less. The Forms Designer Allows You to Specify What Your Database Will Be With a Simple Drag and Drop Interface
Output Data for Use With Microsoft Office
Know at a Touch Who is Truly Involved
Easy to Use Drag and Drop Interface
Know at a Touch:
  • Who are Truly Involved
  • Who are Involved Through Bible Studies
  • Who are Involved Based on Service Attendance
  • Who are Involved Through Discipleship
  • Who are Involved Through Participation in a Church Course
  • Who Passed Courses. Subdivide Based on Course Passed
  • Who Attended or Signed Up for Courses. Subdivide Based on Course Attended
Know Who Are 1st, 2nd, 3rd and 4th Generation Disciples
Analyze your church with Interactive Analytics. Know what is working in your church and how well it is working.
Data Focusing - Focus down your database to just the relevant contacts. Large, bogged down databases are a thing of the past.